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What I found this week in MTBoS 8/21/16

Classroom Lesson / Activities

Domain and range - This is a way to help reenforce domain and range of a function, in a foldable notebook. Can be adapted for many other ways though. I like the idea of having range, and domain on the folds so students can see exactly what is going on.

Introduction to trig - When I read this I was hooked. Showing kids that slope is just another form of trig.. LOVE IT, and then it gets better with the math magic, having students create their own triangle and then "guessing" their angle based on two sides... So easy, so good, such a great hook

Problem based search engine - I have run into this before, and have used it to much success. But I found it again and wanted to keep track of it, so I put it here! Thanks Robert Kaplinsky.

AP Calculus Checklist for Students - This teacher listed out each topic in AP Calc that students should be able to do.  In each chapter its a list of "I can" statements that students will be able to answer.

Brain Breatks - I really like this idea. I know I was one of those students who would do really well on this idea. Ive been thinking about adding things to my clock so that I know when students are at their best (first 10-15 minutes) at their worse (the middle) and when they may check back into the lesson (at the end). Maybe in the middle I could do a 2 minute brain break.... Hmmmmmm

Something like this, only not elementary school

Debate in a math classroom - I like this idea a lot, using a specific day for students to challenge others on a topic. WODB, WYR, are just a couple ways to get the room into different groups and debating using their math terminology and ideas.

SaraVanderwerf 100 Numbers - This activity is great, its GREAT, absolutely great for getting students in a spot to realize what great team work looks like. I really like this. Students are given a sheet with 1-100 listen on it and they have to highlight in turns all the numbers 1-100. Then you take pictures of them working and show them after, explaining that this is what great group work looks like.

SaraVaderwerf Think STAND Pair Share - Think pair share, but after they think have students stand and walk to another student and then share. Getting students out of their seats helps out a lot to keep them going, focused and just down right happy. Love it.

SaraVaderwerf Add it up - Groups of 4, each student has a problem to do, and the solution you give them is the sum of all their solutions. So if they dont have it correct then they need to go back and check all of them.

Parners Add it up - Add it up in partners!


Stick figure dances to music while showing the parent graphs for trig.

Classroom Policy

Steps to formalize routines - This teacher put in words what I was trying to do in my classroom with having students ask questions to each other before they asked me. Group work norms.

Data Wall - Not really a policy but a great classoom idea. Love it, show the data from tests and quizes. Or even Hw. So kids know where they stand and what they have to do.'

Daily HighFive - Every day make it a habit to give every student a high five, either as they enter, as they exit, or in the hallway. Get to be someone in their life they look forward to getting a high five from.

SLOW MATH DOWN - I really like this post, has great content and a great message, slow math down. How one teacher slowed the math in her classroom so students felt like they could think!

Group responsibly cards - 4 different group member jobs and description of their roles, so everyone in each group knows who is doing what.

Standards Based Grading Letter to Parents - Great letter to parents, says a lot of great things.  Has examples of current grading and what SBG will do better or change.


Homework Video Problems - This is a great idea, I dont think I could do it just as they would but I would change it up a bit. Having students make a video of one problem and then look at another students video and follow along and comment on what they think of it.

Lagging Homework - Ive been thinking about this off and on, and I like the idea, but I don't know how receptive my school would be about this.  I might try this with one unit and see how it works.

Hope Punch Reward - Giving kids hole punches for doing their homework, and then after they get 10 or some amount they get a free 100% quiz grade.  I like this but dont feel I need it in my classroom, my students are pretty good about doing their homework, and are usually on top of things.

Helpful Classroom Tools

Poster Maker - How to make a normal picture or doc into a poster! Easy.

Posters for Classroom - I got a bunch of great ideas off this blogger and blog post. Tons of great posters to put up in the classroom.

Classroom Posters - Here is a blog about one person's classroom, good posters.

Name Tents - Typical name tents with a twist! On the inside is a spot for students to write comments/questions to the teacher, and then the teacher replies. Good start of the year way to get to know your students.

Classroom Look - I think this room has great organization, I like the concept of only put upon your walls what you refer too daily. Nothing more.

Rolling the Dice - Using writable dice to replace worksheets.  Write expressions, or concepts, or operations, or anything. Students roll the dice and do what is written on them. Fun way to have students 'control' what they do.

First Day Describe Me - Sheet for the first day of class that goes through who I am in multiple ways.

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