Monday, August 1, 2016

Things Ive Found This Week 7-24-16

Every week I find more and more things, so I am going to make a list of them. So I can come back to and look at what I liked.

Build a Function;

Cut out pieces with variables, translations, operations. Then they build a function based on what is asked. EX: Flipped, Left 4, Down 5...

An extensive of 19 different warm up/opener activities.

Classroom Set up Ideas WITH PICTURES!

Portfolio Essentials, good stuff lots of ideas.

Harry Potter quadrupling modeling activity. How long will it take to crush the thief inside the vault?

Holy smokes! Tons of things to read and find here;
-Desmos music?!
-Showing student work app, wasnt a huge fan of this one.
-AWESOME list of fantastic posts and activity ideas under Hands on trig.
-Variable anaylsis game (this is a great way to get everyone thinking)
-Nominations: Making work public is a brilliant idea. I love it

The rest of that post I didnt get too, toooooo much reading and I was over saturated. I will come back another time and finish up that bag of goodies.

Debate in a Math Classroom?! This is a great post on how to set up a debate over solutions.

Explorations of mathematics, giving students mini problems to do and report back with. Havent read yet but the opening paragraph hooked me in. Putting this in the to do pile.

Ive wanted to do Standards Based Grading SBG ever since I have heard of it. Here is a good post on a hybrid.

This is a great way to introduce trig, I found last year it was one of the hardest things... and when I learned it it was one of the hardest things too.... Silly trig.

This is the trig hook we all wanted. Hope this works this year!

A website that will record video from a computer/phone/tablet/Ipad and submit it to a teacher. The teacher then see's all the students and can watch each video and reply with comments. I want to try this and see if its worth the hassel. Its always hard creating videos of math if you dont have a writable screen recorder.

PIXAR IN A BOX! This is a neat little segment where pixar takes you into their studio and shows you how they use math to create their videos. Great for Animation, Patters, Combinations and more. Ive used the combinations in my class last year, students liked it - how it was an actual company they have all had an interaction with.

Family of curves. Holy smokes this looks so addicting.

I cant get enough of this guy's blog... This test is exactly what I wish my schools tests looked like. Spot on sir!

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