Monday, August 15, 2016

Classroom Ideas

My new classroom

Last year was my first year teaching, and my focus was not really on how my classroom looked. I had math posters, and the usual suspects but nothing that screamed awesome math classroom. So this year I want to change that. Ill post again when I have my room set up and see what comes of it.

I like this, because I could do it in radian - giving students another exposure to it.

Using this for any assignment, HW, Quizes, Tests, showing students how they did vs the class. Or create a competition between groups or something.

This looks very interesting, I wonder if I could create a rotating unit circle... Hmmm.....

Ive seen words like this that are around the clock.  I like this one a lot.

Follow the trend of either HW or assessments of the class a whole. Still thinking about this one.

I always got the "I dont know" last year, and I hated it. So here is an easy way to fix that. I started asking "okay, then ask a question" but they sometimes clammed up.

Simple, yet great.

Great Motivational posters.

Just some humor added to the room.

Having students be proud of their work is great to share!

Great way to get kids thinking before they ask something.

More classroom humor.

Exit Ticket anyone?

Great poster on Mindset growth.

Awesome idea to share with students how math is learned so they can see where they are in the process. 

It seems that some of my students struggle with this, so its a great and simple idea to put it up.

Another poster on what to ask, or how to ask questions.

Students struggled with the new symbols, so why not make a poster of them?

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