Saturday, August 13, 2016

What I found this week in MTBoS 8/14/16

Classroom activities

Four in a row - problem numbers are on a grid 6x6 or 8x8 and if a student gets a questions right they put their name in that number. First person to get 4 names in a row wins!

Families of curves - I found this a couple weeks ago but revisited it this week. I really like the ideas going on here, just letting students explore math and curves. Students create "pretty" looking functions by setting up a function and then a list, that changes one variable. Sam Shah, always spot on in his ideas.

Trig Identities - Start off with 1 = 1 and then have students come up to the board changing one side. Then after they do some steps, they end up with their own identity. I would like to have students (in groups) do this, and then see if the other group can go backwards. Start off at their identity and end up with 1 = 1.

Easy way to review - This is a great way to review problems that students should already know.  Leave something out!

Classroom Setup

I really like how this room looks, I already have groups of 4 in my classroom and having each student have a white board or having their own standing whiteboard would be awesome.

This easy DIY standing whiteboards would be great to have a couple for students to work with, easy / cheap to make too!

Blogs to revisite

I did not read this one, but I do want to come back to it. It is 11 essentials for portfolios, I want to try doing some portfolio work this year in pre-calc. Maybe test it out in my FST course, a course between algebra 2 and pre-calc.

I found this blog while on pintrest looking for AP calculus projects. She does a related rates shoebox project that is pretty nifty. I wish I had time to do it

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