Saturday, July 30, 2016

How I got here.

Who am I and what is my story?

In May of 2014 I graduated from Keene State College with my B.S. in Mathematics.  I had finished the education track except for the student teaching, which meant I didnt have my teaching licence.  I had gone to school to become a math teacher and I was so close to finishing.  At that point I was over saturated with school and I threw in the towel and took my math degree and left.

A year later in the summer of 2015 I applied to work at a local restaurant in Wolfeboro.  The owner of the restaurant asked me in my interview what I do when Im not here.  I told her that I went to school to become a math teacher and I had my degree in math.

BOOM, just like that my life changed.

It just so happened that she was on the board of trustee's at the local private school and that school needed a math teacher. So I dressed all fancy, went to the school and interviewed. Two days later they called me and offered me a job as one of two junior math teachers.

September 14th 2015 I started my career as a high school math teacher in my first classroom ever!!!

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