Saturday, July 30, 2016

BASS Summer School

At some point during the year I was asked to do BASS, Brewster Academy Summer School. A four week program, that was not for credit but rather for students that wanted more experience with subjects or their parents sent them there.

When I signed my contract I was told "Do whatever you want, they are here to experience good mathematics" So... I did whatever I wanted, and boy was it A LOT OF WORK.  They never teach you how much work writing your own curriculum is. How much time and effort that goes into each lesson.

I taught three sections "Linear Algebra" which was all about lines, I guess no one told them linear algebra was not what they thought. The second was Quadratic algebra, and the third hands on geometry. All I will write about separately.

I was lucky, I had just come out of a week with @MaryBourassa learning about fun activities we can implement in our classrooms.  So I had a head full of ideas on what things I wanted to try. What a better testing grounds for new ideas then summer school?!

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